Introducing LiSA by Cuida Health

“Hi! I’m LiSA, a Learning Interface for Senior Adults. Hmmm, that sounds a bit boring. I’m actually a really fun voice assistant that works the most popular smart speakers including both Amazon Echo and Google Home.

You can use me to send and receive messages without needing a computer or phone. All you need is your voice. I can keep you connected to your family, friends and other communities.

I can also check-in with you to see if you slept well, got plenty to drink or remembered to take your medications. I promise I won’t nag you; I think you’ll appreciate my encouragement as we improve together.

We’ll have fun together as we learn new things about your community and interesting facts or relevant information.

I hope you’ll give me a try; I look forward to getting to know you.”




Staying connected is important. That’s why I make communicating with just your voice so easy to do. Click below to hear an example.

health coach

health coach

Good health is the foundation of a long, happy life. I’ll help you stay physically and mentally fit. Click below to hear an example.



I will suggest and remind you of fun and interesting things to do outside of the home. Click below to hear an example.

Features Designed For Seniors

Every feature and experience is tailored for older adults based on direct input and feedback from our customers. Our goal is to provide effective, engaging ways to enrich your day and solve everyday problems without having to think about the technology or use any hard-to-use devices.

Specially adapted technology tuned for the communication style of older adults.

Hands-free ability to dictate messages at the pace and structure comfortable for older adults.

Easy-to-use calendar and event reminder features keep your schedule up-to-date and keep you informed on what’s happening with family, friends and community.

Curated activities and information that entertains, informs and educates.

Fun events and activities in your area based on the information in your personalized profile.