Voice for Healthcare

Using Voice for Population Health

Voice-capable devices like smart speakers and smartphones create new channels for communicating and reinforcing healthy behavior with your patients.  Having a welcome and persistent presence in their home or place of residency can improve the quality of care, strengthen the connection with their care team and encourage social interaction.

Our team of experienced engineers, usability designers and healthcare professionals have created a proprietary voice-first platform, LiSA, that operates on either the Amazon Echo or Google Home devices. Her combination of personality, health coaching and social networking features provide the ideal foundation on which to build a customized wellness application or to improve one that exists.  And, we can accelerate your time to market with a solution for your organization by tailoring LiSA just for you.

A Better Voice Experience Results in Better Engagement


LiSA (Language Interface for Senior Adults) is a suite of health and social networking features that become a welcome part of every day.  A truly conversational personality with a touch of wit and humor, LiSA provides a unique and effective way to engage with your patients that can be easily adapted for their particular needs.



24x7 opportunity for dialog. Send, receive and respond to text and voice messages to individuals or groups - ideal for communicating content, reminders and even questions. LiSA also provides a hands-free way for those who are physically impaired or not computer savvy to connect to the world.



LiSA offers individualized check-ins, medication reminders and coaching to monitor and maintain healthy habits and improve compliance. Non-PHI data is captured and trended for medication, exercise, nutrition, sleep and mood with alerts to indicate potential health issues. Encouragement and advice can be easily personalized.



Don't miss or forget appointments and activities no matter how complicated the schedule with LiSA’s best-in-class flexibility and ease of use. LiSA integrates with Google calendar and can deliver notifications natively on the device or by way of SMS and phone.

LiSA Supports Your Goals

We offer a robust and proven wellness platform whose core features and conversational personality can be easily adapted to the unique needs of your healthcare organization.  If your focus is on preventative health and early detection, don’t start from scratch.  Let us help you customize this best-in-class voice experience and integrate it into your existing system.

Our focus is on prevention and supporting the emotional as well as physical health of the individual.  By using LiSA with consumer devices such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, the service is affordable and widely available.  Data is preserved in your own private cloud and can be easily integrated with existing information and patient management systems.

LiSA is easy to use and doesn’t require the use of a smartphone or computer.  With a one-of-a-kind, light-hearted and empathetic personality, daily use is fun and entertaining.

Our approach is to start with the user experience and drive engagement, which can be challenging, particularly with older patients. Whether your aim is to improve compliance with a treatment regimen, early detection or simply keeping them focused on their health and being socially active, LiSA gives you the platform to improve health and lower cost.


Recognized for Leading the Voice-first Industry


We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you and your organization’s needs. And, to demonstrate how LiSA can help you.

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