Let LiSA Accelerate Your Voice-first Strategy

You Can Make it Fun For Older Adults


The 1st voice-first platform of integrated services to
improve the wellness of older adults.

Meet LiSA – a personable voice assistant and companion that works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart speakers and other voice-enabled devices.

With a personality that is entertaining and fun, LiSA helps:

  • Communication with family, friends, care team and communities
  • Improve medication and nutrition adherence
  • Remember appointments and easily add new ones
  • Monitor and share wellness status
  • Learn and be entertained

And, because LiSA is so easy to use and just requires the use of their voice, they’ll want to interact every day.

See LiSA in Action

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A New and Growing Channel Between You and Your Customer

LiSA Adapts to Your Needs

Whether LiSA acts as the foundation of your solution or we customize as an added set of services to your existing solution, we can integrate to create a seamless voice experience for your organization.

  • 24/7 in home channel for 2-way communication
  • Data-driven personalized dialog and engagement
  • Conversation and questions tailored for your organization
  • Tracking and reporting specific to your needs

LiSA is Valued Part of the Daily Routine


With LiSA, it's easy to communicate back and forth with individuals or groups without ever touching a keyboard or phone.

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LiSA coaches and encourages adherence to exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep and medication.

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LiSA engages and entertains throughout the day with unique conversations based on the time of day and previous activities and interactions.

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